CH S*Ulabrand´s Ramya


Born 14.5.2004


Ramya´s test results:

27.8.05 HCM and PKD normal

21.3.07 HCM normal getestet

April ´08 - GSD4 n/n getestet

23.5.08 HCM and PKD normal getestet (Dr.Miedler)

13.03.10 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

18.06.11 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

15.06.13 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

Ramya is a medium sized girl with the old norwegian look. Means her profile is a bit rounded, her ears are smaller. Her head in total is more round, her cheeks are more present. She has a wonderful real black coat, a bit too silky.

Ramya always was a "wild thing" and always in motion. Now she is older and .... a bit more calm :-) She loves humans more than other cats and every visitor first meets her!


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