IC A*Dragonlance´s Ofelia


Born 6.12.2011

Both parents (tested with 8.5 and 8 years), 2 grandparents and 1 great-grandparent are HCM normal testet!

GSD4 n/n (both parents n/n)

06.04.13 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)


Ofelia is a nice mix between her parents. From her mothers side she got the wonderful straight profile, from both parents the good chin, from dad Bonaventure the nice top. And last but not least the big tufts from granddad Mighty Claw´s Garion.

When her mother Esmej had her last litter I was thinking a looong time. But in the end..... Esmej was tested with 8 years HCM/PKD, Bonaventure too - so.... what else is promising for a long life?

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