A*Dragonlance´s Nightingale Blue


Born 18.4.2011

Norwegische Waldkatze

17.4.12 HCM and PKD normal ( Both parents, all 4 grandparents and 4 great-grandparents are HCM normal testet!)

GSD4 n/n (both parents n/n)

06.04.13 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

Nightingale, my little blue sunshine. What to say about her...? She is a crazy girl, gained the "I don´t care gene" from her dad Brian and her habit to be everywhere from both sides :-)

She is like a little dog, she loves to retrive my hai tie (ok, they don´t live that long as she loves to bite them).

Her look is a mix from her granny Hoydegard´s Tabba Trollenuten and her dad Brian. She has a lot of fur, comming out of her mother´s line. Dad Brian passed his tufts to her, from Jewel she got the hair out of the ears. She is now 2 years and still in development. Her profile is medium long but a bit rounded. Her ears are set a bit too high, her chin could be stronger. But I LOVE her wildlook.

Her first litter with Bonaventure showed quite good potential, so lets see ;-)


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Norwegische Waldkatze











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