GIC A*Dragonlance´s Jewel Belladonna


Born 1.1.2010


Bella´s test results:

18.12.10 HCM and PKD normal (Dr. Miedler)

18.2.12 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

Mother Tabba was tested with 2years 9month HCM normal (18.12.10), Dad Alaska with 5years 6month (27.12.10)

GSD4 n/n (both parents n/n)

15.06.13 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

Jewel - my little angel. When I planned this litter I was hoping that a white girl was born, but instead... there was only one white boy. I waited 3 years for this litter - so in the end I decided to keep Bella and give the white boy at hostcat to my best friend Doris.

Bella is a treasure - she is the boss of the girls and just my big love. She loves to run, to jump - hardly to frighten with anything. Sadly that means she does not care if I tell her to leave the kitchentable too ;-)

She is a big lady, high on legs and with a long body - not that wide base, but still between 4.2-4.9kg. She has a nice chin, a long straight profile. Her ears could be a bit bigger and are set too high. Her long tail comes from her dad Alaska. Like her mum she has a LOT of fur! And I love her wildlook.

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Norwegische Waldkatze










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