SC PL*Brian Sirkad


Born 9.9.2007


Brian test results:

Eltern GSD4 n/n

09.8.08 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

15.6.10 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

18.2.12 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

06.04.13 HCM and PKD normal (Dr.Miedler)

Brian is a BIG boy, high and long. Muscular bith big paws.

He has a good chin, a bit longer straight profile and a nice rounded top. His ears are big and wonderful set, even with 6 years. With 6 years his weight is between 7-8kg. With suprelorin he was up to 9.3kg, but he was really too much cat then ;-)

What I loved most on this boy was the fact that I know on his father´s side his granddad&grandmum, 2 great-grandparents and 2 great-great-grandparents and met them at Andrea Richter´s home. On his mother´s side he has some well-known cats that left huge pawprints in the NFO-history.

Basia, thank you so much for this big baby!

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